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We’re acutely aware of the fallout from individual, group and system failure. Our diligence and strategic approach are unique and integral to the credibility and defensibility of our work. NorthGauge is designed to provide our clients with excellent clinical review support and to assist them in addressing their most complex quality management, compliance, governance and leadership challenges. The NorthGauge medical staff spans all specialties and subspecialties and consists of carefully selected, board certified, actively practicing, and quality-driven physicians. Our carefully designed methods have been closely scrutinized and shaped over many years by attorneys, CMOs, medical staff experts, quality and risk professionals, and executive leadership.

Our Services

  • Physician Peer Review

    For more than a decade, we have worked closely with our clients on physician peer review matters that range from the clear-cut to the most complex. Learn More.

  • Medical Provider Liability Claims Assessment

    With credible, defensible claims assessment, NorthGauge shortens claims lifecycles, saving considerable time and money. Learn More.

  • Clinical Performance Improvement

    We get to the heart of process and systems issues quickly and offer unique, practical solutions that support better outcomes, enhanced patient safety, and clinical excellence.  Learn More.

  • Clinical Compliance

    Much of what we do either directly or indirectly identifies and mitigates compliance risk. Learn More.

Why Choose NorthGauge?

Learn what sets us apart. Learn More

“I had a complex case with very esoteric issues involving disciplinary action for my client by the Texas medical board. They had a year to prepare their case and I had ten days. One call to Jon was all it took. Jon and his team worked very quickly and very efficiently to produce a very well put-together report that helped to win our case. I especially liked that he had a secure server so that we could upload various medical data for review. NorthGauge was easy to work with and very professional and I would highly recommend them.”

Michael Silhol Attorney Dallas, Texas

Recent Articles

  • Does No Harm Mean No Deviation?

    It is quite common for hospitals to conclude that if a patient was not harmed, there was either no deviation from standard of care or the deviation was of little significance.  It is unreasonable to rule out deviations from standard of care on the basis of an acceptable outcome or the absence of patient harm. … Read more…

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  • Leadership Vigilance:  Critical to Medical Staff Success

    It’s not enough to have a well-designed peer review program.  The right procedures, policies, structure and leadership are critical.  But building a home correctly is just the beginning.  Living in it requires much more than just being couch potatoes.  When it’s new, living is easy and little maintenance or effort is needed.  But with time, … Read more…

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