Physician Peer Review Takes a Giant Step Forward.  New Company Delivers Intelligent, Efficient Solutions for Healthcare Industry

July 22, 2015 | Posted in Healthcare Consulting

DENVER (July 22, 2014) – Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting is excited to announce its partnership with NorthGauge Healthcare Advisors, an innovative company delivering advanced physician peer review services for hospitals and other health organizations.  NorthGauge Healthcare Advisors is being launched by Jon Moses, a leader in the physician peer review field.  NorthGauge addresses the growing demand for peer review services through an innovative, physician-driven model that delivers peer review of the highest integrity, as well as process guidance, education, and clinical leadership consulting.

Often the best way to evaluate the proficiency of the care provided by a physician is to engage an objective physician with like training, certification, and experience to assess the care and render an objective, credible opinion about that care.  This “peer review” is used by organizational leadership to fulfill its responsibility of ensuring physician competence and, when needed, to take action to improve care.

Seeking external physician peer review is a time consuming, daunting and often frustrating task for leaders saddled with the responsibility of assuring physician competence.  When mistakes are made, trust is diminished and relationships, careers, reputations, and even patient care are jeopardized.

Moses explains that the NorthGauge model is different than other peer review offerings:  “NorthGauge was created to effectively meet the toughest peer review challenges by providing expert, disciplined, proven and timely physician peer review, using a unique model.  Through a carefully designed business model, NorthGauge is able to offer to healthcare executives, physician leaders, hospital attorneys and other healthcare professionals peer review services with the assurances of:

  • Uncommon expertise and credibility
  • Complete objectivity
  • Physician reviewers of the highest caliber
  • Extensive support, guidance and education for clinical leadership
  • Active, expert management of every peer review engagement to ensure timely completion and achievement of the highest standards
  • Efficiency for the sake of both time and resource constraints

In essence, NorthGauge greatly simplifies the peer review process by providing to hospitals and other healthcare organizations what they can’t effectively and confidently do for themselves.  Healthcare leadership can leverage NorthGauge to provide critical decision support that can be so time consuming, difficult and fraught with risk.”

The NorthGauge model appeals to both hospital executives and physicians.  Mark Browne, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Covenant Health (Knoxville) is acutely aware of the benefits NorthGauge brings: “When it comes to external physician peer review, there simply is no company that does it better than Jon Moses and his team at NorthGauge. NorthGauge provides timely, high quality services with personal oversight and service that is second to none. Jon’s work ethic and commitment to being the best in his industry is evident every time I work with him and his team.  And, as a former hospital CEO, Jon understands firsthand the need for effective budget management and the maintenance of critical physician relationships.”

“We are always seeking to develop or identify new solutions for our clients that yield high value results and complement our existing service lines”, noted David White, a principal with Pinnacle.  “NorthGauge achieves those objectives, which is why we’ve partnered with Jon to make its services available to the market as soon as possible”, said White.  Pinnacle, a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in valuation, physician compensation, coding compliance and strategy services will initially host NorthGauge at its headquarters office in Centennial, Colorado.

More information about NorthGauge may found at its website,, or by contacting Jon Moses, President and CEO, at 720.506.1042.  Information about Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting is available at, or 303.801.0123.