Julie Pemberton

Senior Director, Operations

Ms. Pemberton oversees all aspects of operations for our hospital, medical, and physician peer review project management and delivery, working with clients, reviewers, and staff to establish and meet the highest standards on a consistent basis. She is responsible for the design and implementation of all new informational and work flow processes and operational strategies for all services at NGHCA, including physician peer reviews, medical staff development, governance and alignment, litigation and risk management support, compliance, and clinical performance improvement. For the past six years, she was Vice President of Peer Review for one of the nation’s leading peer review companies, overseeing all medical peer review projects and providing operational, process, and strategic direction for the company. She brings extensive experience as a consultant with national consulting firms in the areas of process design and automation of financial functions. Ms. Pemberton graduated from the University of Missouri with a BSBA as one of the top ten graduates from the School of Finance.

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