Clinical Performance Improvement

It might seem strange to hear from a consulting firm that the patient is at the center of all we do.

Overall improved clinical performance improvement can always help your hospital, medical facility, or practice operations.

NorthGauge Healthcare Advisors is more than most medical advising and consulting firms. Never forget that the better your health care performance, the more favorable the impact on the lives of your patients.

Whether amidst a crisis or a proactive campaign to improve outcomes, we get to the heart of medical staff issues quickly.  We offer practical solutions, like physician peer reviews, that support the clinical performance improvement of patient safety and clinical excellence.

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Other Services

  • Physician Peer Review

    For more than a decade, we have worked closely with our clients on peer review matters that range from the clear-cut to the most complex.
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  • Medical Staff Development, Governance, and Alignment

    Whether to manage a major crisis or affect systems improvement, our rigorous assessments and practical advice have driven critical change in support of corporate objectives.
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  • Litigation and Risk Management Support

    Top healthcare law firms across the country rely on NorthGauge for decision support relating to physician practice.
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  • Clinical Performance Improvement

    Whether amidst a crisis or a proactive campaign to improve outcomes, we get to the heart of the issues quickly, and offer practical solutions that support patient safety and clinical excellence.
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  • Compliance

    Much of what we do either directly or indirectly identifies and mitigates compliance risk.
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“Working with NorthGauge is, in a word, easy. They lead me through the process, prompting me with the right questions to ensure that I’m getting what we need from them. All of them are always so kind and patient with us. I worked with Jon previously and, as always, the breadth of knowledge that Jon brings to the table is invaluable and I trust completely that we will get exactly what we’ve asked for. I highly recommend NorthGauge.”

Evelyn Chalfant RN, Knox Community Hospital


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