Medical Provider Liability Claims Assessment

With credible, defensible assessment, NorthGauge shortens claims lifecycles, saving considerable time and money.


It’s About Time

As part of our wide array of clinical review services, NorthGauge provides valuable claims decision support to hospitals, health systems, and insurers.  By shortening the lifecycle of your claims and supporting better decisions, NorthGauge can dramatically lower your costs while driving competitive advantage.  In partnership with organizations like yours, we can change the very nature of how medical malpractice conflicts are addressed.  We invite you to explore how NorthGauge can have a positive impact on your bottom line while preserving both the reputations of your insured and the safety of their patients.

Disciplined, Defensible Decision Support

Our extensive experience has helped us fine-tune our strategic approach to providing credible, defensible decision support.  Ultimately, NorthGauge provides what you need to know, not what you might want to hear.  Should the case be settled?  How strong is our position?  How extensive is our exposure?  With assurances of credibility, defensibility, and timeliness, NorthGauge helps you get to the heart of the matter before avoidable and costly escalation of conflict.

 The Right Team

For nearly two decades, our team has provided external, unbiased assessments and advice to address clinical matters that range from clear-cut to highly complex.  NorthGauge’s team includes highly reputable, carefully selected, actively practicing providers, each carefully matched to the nuances of each case.  Our skilled, dedicated project managers ensure acute understanding of the issues at hand while supporting both client and reviewer throughout the engagement.

Focused on Your Needs

NorthGauge’s disciplined approach is adapted to your specific needs.  We will strive to know your organization, its people, and its approach.  This will ensure clear lines of communication and consistency in delivering the highest levels of decision support.  While our standard processes can be quickly deployed, several factors warrant consideration to ensure the most supportive and efficient process.  Your information systems, culture, processes, capabilities, and other characteristics would drive the ultimate design that is unique to your organization.  Together, we will ensure achievement of your objectives.  Through a strong partnership, we will shorten the lifecycle of your claims, lower your costs, and drive better decisions.

NorthGauge.  It’s about time.


“Working with NorthGauge is, in a word, easy. They lead me through the process, prompting me with the right questions to ensure that I’m getting what we need from them. All of them are always so kind and patient with us. I worked with Jon previously and, as always, the breadth of knowledge that Jon brings to the table is invaluable and I trust completely that we will get exactly what we’ve asked for. I highly recommend NorthGauge.”

Evelyn Chalfant RN, Knox Community Hospital


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