Physician Peer Review

We have reviewed thousands of cases across all specialties and subspecialties. We've applied our extensive peer review experience to fine-tune strategies that support the unique needs of our clients.

For nearly two decades, we have worked closely with our clients on peer review matters that range from the clear-cut to the most complex.  We have reviewed thousands of cases across all specialties and subspecialties. NorthGauge takes a strategic, consultative approach, intelligently delivering high integrity, defensible peer review within financial constraints. Our large team of true physician peers consists of highly reputable, carefully selected physicians.  We match each physician’s specific experience and expertise to the nuances of each review.  We then apply established, evidence-based, and widely accepted criteria to help identify improvement opportunities while mitigating risk.

Is your peer review program lacking?  NorthGauge provides assessment of related bylaws, policies, and practices followed by practical recommendations to achieve optimal impact on patient safety and quality of care.


“Working with NorthGauge is, in a word, easy. They lead me through the process, prompting me with the right questions to ensure that I’m getting what we need from them. All of them are always so kind and patient with us. I worked with Jon previously and, as always, the breadth of knowledge that Jon brings to the table is invaluable and I trust completely that we will get exactly what we’ve asked for. I highly recommend NorthGauge.”

Evelyn Chalfant RN, Knox Community Hospital


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